[Sep 22] On Roundedness

Some people are well-rounded, some people are not well-rounded. I’m not particularly well-rounded.

My main focus by far is my career. Second to that is music, cooking, fitness and reading. These can be extroverted or introverted activities, but given the pandemic have been mostly solo or with trusted friends for the last couple of years.

They all share common themes of mastery and compounding returns, and probably influence each other. But sometimes I think it is their very similarity that make them repetitive, and make me feel POORLY rounded despite a surface-level breadth of activity.

Essentially I think I want to pursue some areas that are less skill-based. I could use some hobbies that are pure relaxation, lounging at a park, dinners, drinks, etc. Post-COVID I found hanging out at a sports bar all day to be incredibly un-rewarding, but I wonder if I’ve swung that pendulum too far.

It’s an unsolved question, but being well-rounded is touted around a lot these days, but I think that can be true without always needing to be *better* at something.

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